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our mission

Crescendo is...

Networking professional Christian musicians around the world through...

  • Local, regional, & international groups, meetings, conferences

  • Christian Musicians Link, an international list of Christian musicians

  • Facebook and social media


Supporting musicians in their faith and profession through…

Reaching out to the wider cultural world through…

  • Founding and supporting local musician’s groups

  • Crescendo Forums, low key meetings for musicians & other artists

  • Books, Concerts, Art Festivals, House Concerts

  • Crescendo Jazz activities

Serving churches, Christian ministries, other artists through…

  • Creative Church Services

  • Night of Faith: A Festival for Art & Church, a city-wide project with Christian artists (actors, dancers, film makers, musicians, etc.)

  • PLAY & PRAY: Developing new modes and methods of worship and intercession through improvisation

  • REAL FAITHBOOK: Jazz scores of 200 hymns

  • Ministries in Africa such as “Music Road Rwanda” and Summer Institute in South Africa

  • Collaboration with other arts organizations, such as ARTS+

  • Outreaches in prisons, hospitals

Crescendo North America is organized in hubs in major cities: Boston, New York City, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Montreal, with new cities beginning programs regularly. To become part of the Crescendo movement, please sign up with the Christian Musicians Link! We will be happy to connect you with other Crescendo musicians in your area.

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