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Meet the Musicians -- New York Hub

The New York Hub features three ensembles: a piano trio, a string quartet, and a piano quartet performing, respectively, Schubert's Piano Trio in B flat Major, D. 898, "Achilles' Heel", a four-movement work by Colin Jacobsen, and Brahms' Piano Quartet, No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 60. Here are the Brahms Piano Quartet personnel getting ready for rehearsal.

Left to right, Heather Bixler, violin, Arman Alpyspaev, viola, Ban Larson, 'cello, and Michelle L. Alvarado, piano.

Next, here is the string quartet, rehearsing "Achilles' heel".

They are Evelyn Petcher Brandes, violin, Julie Lawrence, violin, Arthur Dibble, viola, and Alina Lee, 'cello.

Finally, here is a clip of the piano trio in rehearsal, featuring Doori Na, violin, Michael Katz, 'cello, and Cherie Roe, piano.

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